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Many customers have items that are not considered junk at all, we can still help! Our experienced team members are able to load up your donation items from wherever they are on your property and take them safely to one of our donation partners. We work primarily with Father Joe’s, but we can certainly take your items to other locations per your request.

There are many reasons so many San Diegans utilize our services to pick up their donation items versus having a charity pick up directly. Here are the main reasons:
1. We can pick up EVERYTHING. If you have donation items mixed in with some junk, it’s okay! We can separate it out and take your items where they need to go.
2. We can accommodate pick ups within a day or two of your request. Many of our partners are not able to make it out to you for weeks or months – but we can pick up and take directly to them – hassle free!
3. Our team members are able to remove your items from anywhere on the property. High rise downtown? Assisted Living Facility? Upstairs in your house? We can help safely and carefully remove items where they sit.

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